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charity auctions

At Stalbridge Removals we are often given items of furniture or goods that are too nice to take to the tip so we decided we would carry out small auctions on facebook and donate all of the proceeds to charity.

The auctions are supposed to be a bit of light hearted fun, not to be taken too seriously and a nice way to raise some money for charity. They last for 24 hours and are similar to bidding on eBay.

We change the chosen charity every so often and also sometimes donate the proceeds to the local school and preschool.

Those we have donated to in the past include:

Time Is Precious http://timeisprecious.org/about/

Dup15q Alliance https://www.dup15q.org/

Simon Taylor https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jon-over

Stalbridge Primary School

The auctions we hold don't take place on specific dates, it is simply as and when customers have donated items for us to use.

The total we have raised to date is £529 thanks to all of those who take part and get involved!

Keep on bidding!

Get involved...

You can visit and like our facebook page to keep up to date with and follow the auctions by clicking on the link below

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