Useful Tips and Address changes


  • Clearly label any objects that are to be left behind
  • Inform removal staff of any items that may require special attention
  • Make sure you have disconnected any gas/electrical appliances 
  • Empty fridges/freezers and defrost ready for transit on the day
  • Take down curtains, blinds, fittings etc. and box up beforehand​
  • Redirect your post through Royal Mail (for 3, 6 or 12 months)
  • Where possible clean your new home before you move all your belongings into it
  • Flatten some cardboard boxes and lay them down to protect your flooring
  • Make sure there are light bulbs in your new house
  • Take meter readings at both your old and your new home (water, electricity and gas) and store in a safe place
  • Arrange for family/friends to look after your children and pets to make it easier for you and less distressing for them
  • Don't forget to do the all important final check before you leave, including the loft and garage!

More Tips

Pack as far in advance as possible so that you are not rushing around trying to get it all done the day before you move

Have a big clear out, we all love to keep things that we don't actually use or need!

Don't underfill or overfill the boxes. Pack the boxes to the top, you can fill in spaces with shredded paper, bubble wrap or even pillows/cushions, anything to prevent movement and boxes getting squashed

​Pack heavier items in smaller boxes

​Clearly label boxes with room and contents. Make sure they also clearly state whether they are fragile and need to be a certain way up

Pack an essentials box to put in last and unpack first with items such as kettle, tea and coffee, mugs, toilet roll, medication, phone charger, snacks and anything else you might need

Make sure boxes with items you need the least are the ones packed first as they will be last off!

Put screws and bolts from furniture in freezer bags sealed and stuck to the relevant piece of furniture with masking tape

Keep boxes together for each room to save time when unpacking

Some loose items such as garden tools can be taped together

Pack hazardous materials such as paint, bleach and aerosols separately

Keep important documents together such as birth certificates, passports, insurance documents etc.

Address Changes

Friends and family


Standing orders/direct debits

Credit cards/store cards

​Energy Suppliers
​Water Suppliers
Landline and broadband
​Mobile phone company
Council Tax
​TV Licensing
​Home Insurers
Car Insurer
​Other Insurances
DVLA (Driving license)

Breakdown cover company
Inland Revenue
Online companies (grocery shopping, Ebay, Amazon etc.)
​Loyalty cards (Tesco, Boots etc.)
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